Was the pandemic a blessing in disguise....

Before the pandemic we were a small independent preschool , constrained by our location. Suddenly after March we were left with zero admissions and students dropped out as the parents felt that their children were not suited to online classes or some simply felt that paying fees was not feasible when there were no physical classes at all. In this situation we chugged along bravely until someone in Canada asked me to add her daughter to my classes. That was a turning point as it got me thinking. If we are going to be online what is stopping us from expanding geographically. We invested in a good LMS platform, built ourselves a robust international curriculum, spent just a gazillion hours online researching about the various technologies available for digital learning. Tied up with a good courier platform to deliver books and study materials anywhere in India and abroad if needed and we were in a new space called 'HOMESCHOOLING".

I am going to talk about the other surprising knowledge we gained with homeschooling in my next blog.

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